For upscale men and women, 20-35, connecting online is a normal part of professional and social life- no more new and strange than the telephone or pocket calculator.

If you've been sleeping for the last 3 years, you might not know that having a network of 3.65 million friends on Friendster doesn't mean anything......that finding a date on an online dating service is tough to do since there's no way sift through the profiles and find someone you know you can trust.....that getting a job through Craigslist is impossible because too many people answer the ads and there's no way to distinguish yourself...

Social Networking evangelists have long been inspired by the sheer physical fact that the Internet allows millions with common interests to connect risk-free, regardless of geographic distance. They were right to be so inspired. It is this fundamental characteristic of the Internet that has ushered in the 'connected age'...

However, the very nature of online communication also places a nearly show-stopping constraint on truly meaningful and efficient networking: The easy anonymity inherent in email, online chats or IM's seriously hampers the creation of trusted connections between those with shared interests or needs. Complete anonymity would render it nearly impossible... Dating, finding a roommate, or buying services from an essentially random username understandably makes many people nervous...nervous enough to pay membership fees to join a trusted network of like-minded individuals...a niche network.

As has been the case with so many media platforms, once they establish mass appeal, profitable niches emerge to super-serve audiences willing to pay for carefully targeted material they already have a significant interest in: After broadcast TV, niche cable channels drove growth...after Friendster, niche social networks will emerge to bring users together that are interested in much more than a loose tie with a random member......

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